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What is interface art?

Interface art is art made out of the graphical user interfaces of modern operating systems. And only of these. Interface artists combine, mis-match and remix existing elements of interfaces. They draw new pictures with the images we see everyday on our computer screen. Thus these brave artists offer a valuable different view on our everyday virtual environment.

Interface artists?

Interface artists exploit the meaning of icons, they use the visual elements with their fixed purpose in a visionary way. Only as an interface artist you can use scrollbars without scrolling, you can put your background images to the front and open new horizons out of small elements originally not even meant to open a window. If you want to become an interface artist yourself you only have to stick to a small set of rules, create your artwork and hand it in to the Aqua Contest (submit form closed).

What we will do

We are explicitly looking for artworks that re-use existing elements of the interface. The jury awaiting these artworks consists of the editors of chief from Mac Life David Andel and Mac Life Online Christiane Stanek as well as interface artist johannes p osterhoff. The best works will be printed and exhibited together with the winners of the Aero Contest.

On this site

On this site you will be updated on the Aqua Contest. You can find a documentation of the progression of the contest in the news section, you can read about the hard burdens (rules) interface artists take on themselves, check out the prizes, learn about the jury, ask questions and read answers. And of course you can submit your work. (Submit form closed)



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