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Here all your questions regarding the contest will be answered.
Feel free to send us your questions by mail if you cannot find it here.

Where can I get the program icons from?

Images used for a specific program are located in its application folder. Right-click on the icon, then select “Show Package Contents”. Usually icon images are located in these folders. To simply convert these ICNS-Files to PNG open them in the Preview, use "Save As ..." and then select PNG.

Where can I get other system elements from?

Search for PNG-Images. System elements usually are saved in this format. You will easily find a lot of stuff. Elements you never ever saw before :)

I forgot... how to do screenshots again?

Command (aka Apple) + 3 makes a photo of the entire screen as it is and saves it as PNG file on the Desktop. Command + 4 lets you choose between making a screenshot of an area only or a window (Shift key) and also saves it on the Desktop.

I need inspiration!

Check your own computer! Have a look at the stunning interface elements and make up your mind what else to do with them. If you really insist you also can have a look at johannes p osterhoff's website and works. For instance “Star Bars” is a quite minimalistic approach, while “Aqua II: Drops” is already more sophisticated. But you certainly can do better :)

You guys come from Apple?

No. The Aqua Contest is held by johannes p osterhoff and Mac Life. Both are not working for Apple Inc. Besides: this competition will be accompanied by the Aero Contest, the interface art competition dealing with Apple's biggest competitor in the sector of graphical user interfaces – Microsoft Window's Aero Glass Interface. So no favoring here :)

Will the works be exhibited with the other competition?

You mean the Aero Contest? The second part of the first interface art contest ever :) Yes, definitely! Though there will be different sections in the exhibition space.

What is interface art?

Therefor read the front page of the site (again), please.

How did all this start?

The awakening of interface art dates back to a grim cold Russian night in the winter of 2004. In this night johannes p osterhoff lay awake in his Moscow flat, pondering about graphical user interfaces and the funny way they were going. In the last years these interfaces had become so colorful and dazzling that Johannes could not fall asleep. And besides the use of icons and metaphors had become so common to him that the elements was slipping away from his consciousness each time he tried to focus. He was very upset because he had guessed that a broad understanding of a medium would lead towards an active and equal use of it. But how could that be achieved with all these opaque and even pseudo-transparent surfaces dazzling the users? He decided to make art out of these surfaces. At least then the surfaces would be seen again! Happily Johannes fell asleep and decided to propose this project to his professor Olia Lialina who had started the project “Midlife Crisis of Computer Graphics” in the coming semester in Stuttgart.

Where will the works be exhibited?

Cerainly in Berlin. In a gallery. And maybe in Stuttgart as well. But it is still too early to state on that. Trust us, we will find a nice gallery for sure and announce it in the news section.



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