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Aero Contest Soon!

May 23, 2008
The RSS of this page is closed for now.
But this contest's counterpart dealing with Windows soon will open its gates. Read more on the site of the Aero Contest.
See you soon!

See the winners printed in Mac Life!

March 14, 2008
MacLife 05/2008 S. 134. Aqua-Gewinner
In the next issue of Mac Life you can see the two great interface artworks of Julian Raschke and Stefan Albers printed in all their glory. Read everything about the winners of the Aqua Contest and the statement of the jury.
Update: Download the article of Mac Life 05/2008 as PDF!

And the winners are...

March 3, 2008
After a long consultation the jury anounced Julian Raschke and Stefan Albers to be the winners of the Aqua Contest. The statement of the jury can be found on the winner's page.

Julian Raschke - Last Supper
Interface artist Julian Raschke won the Aqua Contest with his great work “The Last Supper” and was awarded with a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3 to continue his career as an artist with up-to-date software.

Stefan Albers - gardens
For his work “Gardens” artist Stefan Albers received an honorable mention for creative interface artistry and won a LaCie hard disk to become a real preserver of interface-related art.

The jury would like to thank the many participants of the Aqua Contest and is looking forward to the Aero Contest.

All on Interface Art in Mac Life!

September 3, 2007
MacLife 2007 10 S. 116-120: Aqua Ausstellung
You can find out more about interface art in the current issue of the German magazine Mac Life. A big report tells you everything you need to know about “Aqua”. Even “Aero” and “Prints on Canvas” are mentioned there. And you can find an announcement of the competition as well!
Update: Download the article of Mac Life 10/2007 as PDF!

Aqua&Aero at Galerie35!

August 31, 2007
From July 6 the last works of “Aqua”, “Prints on Canvas” and new series “Aero” were shown at Galerie35 in Berlin. The “Aqua” wall featured the very last works “Aqua III: Steam”, “Aqua III: Depth” and “Aqua Bonus Pic: Super Mario Dock”. As usual, these pictures only consisted of interface elements. In the corner iTunes was playing system sounds at random – competing with the Windows Media Player in the “Aero” corner.

The images of the “Aero” series were called “Aero: Home Security”, “Aero: User Picnic”, “Aero: User Romance”, “Aero: System Holidays” and “Aero: System Crash”. Those were made of background images and icons from Vista.

Aqua Contest online!

August 30, 2007
The Aqua Contest has opened its gates. Check it out. Read all you need to know about interface art. Re-check your graphical user interface. Start working and submit your works. The open submission section awaits you! (Submission closed)



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