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With submitting your works to the “first interface art competition ever” every participant has to agree upon the “vow of chastity for interface artists”. The main idea behind this vow is to make artists use the technology that is also used by the operating systems themselves.

The Vow of Chastity for Interface Artists

I have become a maker of graphical user interface art. I believe that the graphical user interface recently has been enriched not only with true color. Rather the semantic layer has widened: depiction of promises and utopias, of progress and lifestyle have joined the metaphors (indeed necessary) to machine-interact. To raise awareness of this issue I will follow these rules.
I herewith solemnly swear:


When I am drawing I will only use official elements from graphical user interface of OS X (because it was the forerunner of all eye candy, it thus is very colorful and offers a lot of visualization to be played with),


I will restrict my use of my digital painting tool.
Allowed tools are:

  1. all kinds of drop shadows (because OS X makes use of these every little while itself),
  2. all kinds of transparency (see above),
  3. filling color areas with solid color or gradients or patterns (because you cannot paint digitally without such basics).


Otherwise all graphical elements I will

  1. copy from a screenshot of the OS screen to the digital canvas I paint on (because this is what everything is all about),
  2. import from a directory where the OS keeps its graphical data (because it will get me to the bottom of things).


I will not use a total image size above 400 by 300 pixels (because otherwise I might get vain and forget my idealistic artistic approach :).


I am and I will remain to be the copyright holder of my work, but I will give allowance to the makers of the Aqua Contest to exhibit my work in the show(s) resulting from this competition (because otherwise all this would not work).

The following rule is without obligation: I will print this vow of chastity, sign it and post it to the wall behind my place of activity (not to forget my right priorities in life).

With participating in the competition you have to give your agreement on these rules. Submit your work! (Submit form closed)



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