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The Last Supper

Julian Raschke

The painting “The Last Supper” by the artist Julian Raschke succeeded in the competition not only because it is a very coherent, analytical—and at the same time—amusing picture; it also reveals technology with a wink as the religion of our days.

In addition, it also reflects on the status of Interface Art itself: the reference to the classic painting “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci from 1498, poses the questions about current status of Interface Art in art (history) as well as the future role of Interface Art among other genres.

In the context of art history itself, “The Last Supper” come up with so much vision and such a humorous approach that the craftsmanship of the image almost take a back seat. But the image also also shines in this respect. It is done professionally and expertly designed with full respect for the rules of the competition and so earns as the first place. The artist receives a current version of Adobe Photoshop.

The jury is looking forward to more influencial works of Interface Art that will be created with this software.


Stefan Albers

The “Gardens” of Stefan Albers earned the award primarily because of their subversive effect. By skillful modification of the artist, the blue default background of earlier OS X versions is transformed into an artistic context and open to other views and reflection: where did the abstract structures originate from? Is there a real variation or even counterpart in the real world? The answer Stefan Albers offers is as easy as philosophical, the “Gardens” (coming from the hyper-real) are as real as abstract.

In the Aqua Contest striking images should be created by simple means. The technical implementation of the image was most likely one of the most reduced ones in the whole competition. Only with the magic wand of Photoshop, the artist has divided the picture. He colored the resulting fragments and put a drop shadow below them. The result is a three-dimensional structure, vaguely reminiscent of gardens.

The honorable mention is awarded because of the striking interplay of subversion and simplicity, This classic of Interface Art earned Stefan Albers a solid hard drive.  The jury wishes to remind the artist not only to save private data on this drive, but to become a real preserver of interface-related art.



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